This month, join us in praying that families may know Christ!

The family is God’s design, and His Word provides clear instruction for His people no matter what role they play in their family. Additionally, God’s Word teaches that all who place their faith in Jesus Christ are adopted into His family and united to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ!

Over the last year, we have seen God’s faithfulness on display in the growth of our church body. Several young couples have gotten married, multiple babies have been born, and we’ve affirmed a lot of new members! The increase in our numbers has been exciting, but it’s also highlighted some of the challenges of our campus. Our Kids Ministry buildings aren’t the most suitable for our needs, our space for adult classes is not ideal, and our foyer is too small. In response to these challenges, our plan is to build a new Kids Ministry building and enlarge the foyer space!

In the fall, we will share more details and ask for you to prayerfully consider what you might contribute to help make this vision a reality. For now, we’re asking for prayer. Pray for our marriages to illustrate the loving relationship of Christ and His church. Pray for parents to instruct, discipline, and love their children according to God’s Word. Pray for young adults to honor their parents well. Finally, pray for the Lord’s guidance and provision throughout the process of this building project!