Zach Moore

Young Adults Pastor
602.978.2740 x121

How did the Lord save you?

I was blessed to grow up in a family steeped in a tradition of faith. As a young man, however, I made the common mistake of thinking that somehow this legacy assured my own eternity. It wasn’t until around my junior year of high school that I truly became aware of my sin, my inability to please the Lord, and my desperate need of rescue. It was at that time that I began to display a repentant heart that truly desired to please the Lord, not out of an effort to secure my own salvation, but out of love for the God who saved me “while I was yet a sinner!”

When did the Lord call you to pastoral ministry and how long have you been serving as a pastor?

If I am honest, I think the Lord’s call to ministry began very near the time He saved me, though I would not acknowledge it until a while later. A pastor in my life would tell me often that he felt I was called to pastor, but that did not exactly parallel my own plan, so I refused to really consider it. After my freshman year of college, it had become painfully obvious that my pursuit of a business degree (motivated by a desire for “success”) was not what the Lord was calling me to. It was then that the Lord clearly called me to serve the church. Because there was no history of full-time ministry in my family, I was nervous about telling my parents of this call on my life, but was blessed then by their love and encouragement of my vocational ministry and continue to be blessed by it today. I began my first full-time pastoral role in March 2008.

Describe both the training you’ve received and other formative experiences that have helped you be a more effective director?

I am thankful for leadership opportunities that have been extended to me throughout the years, from my time as a student in my own Youth Group experience until now. While I was working toward a Bachelors of Arts in Bible/Theology from Asbury College, I had opportunities to serve in missions work to Juarez, Mexico and Querencia, Brasil. In addition, I was able to lead a college team to serve in Port Lions, Alaska. I served for one year as the Spiritual Life Advisor for my dormitory hall (i.e. Hall Chaplain). After graduation, my wife and I served as volunteer staff with our church’s student ministry. I am currently working to complete my Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Biblical Communication from Phoenix Seminary. I have also had the privilege of serving alongside and under some incredibly godly men who have taught me much about pastoral ministry and challenged me to grow in Christ-likeness.

What do you enjoy most about the ministry at NCC?

What an open-ended question! Though it is hard to narrow my answer to one thing, I think I would have to say it is the sense of family that we (my wife and two kids) have found at NCC. Coming from a tight-knit family that is close to this day, I’m not sure that I ever expected to feel as “at home” with any group of people that weren’t biological family. This place and the people here have welcomed us in. I know that what makes it possible is that we are united by our love for Christ and our shared experience of being saved and changed by the gospel!

How long have you served here?

Since March 1, 2008.

What is special about Northwest Community Church?

I love this church. I am partial to this church because, well, it’s my church! That said, I wouldn’t want to give the impression that NCC is the only great church out there! Here are a few things that would describe this place and set it apart as special to me:

The gospel. NCC is a place where the gospel will be preached. Not only will you hear it from the pulpit, but you will hear it in the classes and you will be encouraged to preach it to yourself daily. I love that.

The preaching. No fluff here. In the tradition of preachers like Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, D. Martin Lloyd-Jones and many others, we believe in the power of God’s Word, its inerrancy, and its sufficiency for all of life. Martin Lloyd-Jones defined expository preaching in this way: “preaching which is concerned to expound the Word of God and not merely to express the ideas of the preacher, preaching which is not merely topical and intended to suit the popular palate and conditions prevailing at the moment.” This is the type of preaching you will find at NCC.

The warmth. As mentioned above, this place has truly become our family. When we are with the body of NCC, it feels like home. As great as that is, it carries with it a challenge for us. We have to be mindful of those who are new to this place who may not feel that way yet. We must be constantly intentional to grow our family and open our arms wide to those who are new here!

I better be done with this answer; it’s getting long!

Where did you grow up?

I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ! Not many natives around these days!

Are you married? How many children (and grandchildren) do you have?

Praise God, yes!! The Lord blessed me with a wonderful woman and she became my bride on February 3, 2007! We have three beautiful children.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

You don’t have to be around me very long to know that I LOVE to fly fish! I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors (hunting and fishing) and an appreciation of those things were ingrained in my life at an early age. Though I still greatly enjoy hunting, my favorite quarries are the ones with fins! When I am not fishing, I try to spend time at home tying flies, or as my kids would say, “making bugs.” Though I enjoy the tying, it’s the actual time out in creation that the Lord uses to refresh, revive, and remind me of just how great He is and how humbled I am that he loves me.

In addition to the outdoors, I love being with my kids and wife. My wife and I are both musicians as well, so you can bet that wherever we go, there is music playing and little ones singing along!!