NCC Building Project

That they may know Him

John 17:3



On August 29, we had one Sunday morning service where we shared with the congregation more details about the exciting plans to improve our facilities! In this special service, we discussed our plans to build, the ways we envision the Lord using these facilities, and our plans to prayerfully raise the funds required for this large project.

We’re constructing a new Kids Ministry building.


What do the plans include?

  • One building with 10 classrooms for babies, preschool, elementary, and Kids Choir
  • One large meeting space for Student Ministries (7th-12th grade)
  • A new Kids Ministry workroom
  • Interior-access restrooms
  • A new playground
  • Tearing down the E-Building for relocated drainage and a new athletic field

What do we gain?

  • One secure building for all kids and students
  • One convenient place for parents to check in all their children
  • All the rooms in the Cook Center for adult classes to use
  • A new athletic field



We’re enlarging the foyer.


What do the plans include?

  • A dedicated Welcome Center inside the foyer
  • An area indoors to set up small tables and chairs
  • Larger restrooms with additional stalls
  • Architecture that will visually create a central entry point on campus
  • Additional shading on the patio


What do we gain?

  • A more flexible space for body life
  • A large, comfortable room for gathering before or after events and services
  • A place for midweek discipleship meetings



We want our facilities to suit our needs.

What are the current challenges?

  • We can’t have all our Kids Ministry classrooms in one location
  • The E-Building is old, and it was intended to be temporary
  • Our foyer is small relative to the size of our congregation


What makes the new plans more suitable?

  • All our children can meet in one secure, dedicated location
  • Adult classes can meet in the Cook Center instead of the E-Building
  • A large foyer will be more comfortable and give us new flexibility

Children are valuable in God’s kingdom.

Because we value children, a new building will:


  • Provide them with a safe, enjoyable place to hear the gospel and learn about God’s Word
  • Be a blessing to the faithful Kids Ministry volunteers who care for them
  • Offer parents greater peace of mind as they entrust their children to our care

We want our campus to be visitor friendly.

What makes our campus not visitor friendly?

  • There isn’t one central, visible point of entry
  • The Welcome Center is small and difficult to locate
  • Classrooms are spread out and confusing to navigate


How will the new plans make our campus more welcoming?

  • We can establish a central, visible entry point on campus
  • We can create a dedicated Welcome Center that is easy to find in a larger foyer
  • All kids will be checked in to one secure location


Our church has been growing.

The Lord has been growing our congregation in numbers and in faithfulness, which is evidenced by:

    • A 26% growth in the number of members and regular attenders since February 2019
    • A 67% growth in the number of children in first hour Sunday Kids Classes since February 2019
    • Ending the 2020-21 fiscal year $205,000 above our annual giving goal


 We want to glorify God by making mature disciples of Jesus Christ.


Making disciples among children involves:

  • Teaching solid, Bible-based curriculum in Kids Classes, Adventure Club, and at VBS
  • Providing suitable classrooms that are welcoming, secure, and tailored to their needs
  • Giving great attention to their safety while on our campus


Making disciples among students involves:

  • Partnering with parents to see students grow in their love for God and His Word
  • Teaching God’s Word in class on Sundays and at D-Groups on Wednesdays
  • Providing them with a space that is more secure and suitable for their needs


Making disciples among men and women involves:

  • Affirming qualified elders who can be Christlike examples to and shepherds of the flock
  • Encouraging participation in classes, small groups, and serving opportunities
  • Providing suitable spaces for fellowship, discipleship, and instruction to take place



From October 11 – November 19, we have the opportunity to concentrate our prayers on the building project! There is a different element to pray for on each weekday, with emphasis on the impact of the project, the logistics, the people involved and affected, the hearts of our congregation, and the various ongoing ministries.

Prayerfully consider giving.

We’re not asking for financial commitments just yet. For now, we are asking you to pray about how you might participate financially.

Estimated costs as of August 2021:

  • Kids Ministry Building: $3.2M
  • Foyer expansion/shading: $1.3M
  • Site development (E-Building removal, new athletic field): $1.2M
  • Total costs for all phases: $5.7M

Giving goal:

  • Our goal is to raise at least $2.5M over the next 3 years.
  • This would set us up to take on a minimal debt of $3.2M that can be paid off quickly (5 years or less).
  • Keep in mind that NCC is currently debt-free!


We are happy to answer your questions along the way! Any questions you submit below will go straight to Terry Blakemore, who is heading up our building campaign.

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We’ve already received some great questions about the project. Below, we’ve listed some of the most helpful ones.

Will the new Kids Ministry building be large enough for a growing church?

Yes, the building is designed with one additional classroom for 0-4-year-olds and one additional classroom for elementary. The new building is also proportional in size to our Worship Center and
the Cook Building.

How many kids will our new building allow for?

Nursery to Pre-K – 162 kids; Elementary, 1st-6th Grades – 117 kids; Students, 7th-12th Grades – 227

Can the new Kids Ministry building be expanded in the future by adding a second story?

After exploring different options and footprints for the building, the most cost-effective option was to build a single-story building. To construct the new building with the potential for a future second floor is cost prohibitive.

What will happen to the playground area at the A Building?

We will repurpose the playground equipment to the new playground area at the east end of the new building.

Will we solicit input from Kids Ministry volunteers for the details on finishing the rooms?

Yes, we have already received input from Kids Ministry leadership and will continue to ask for input for the project.

Will there be VBS in 2022?

No, it is not feasible to hold VBS during a large construction project.

Will there be opportunities for church attenders to volunteer to help with the project?


  • Once we have contractors on our campus, there will be opportunities to provide water, snacks, and possibly lunch on some occasions. The church will communicate when these opportunities are available.
  • Our general contractor, Dean Shifferer, Schifferer Construction, would like to hear from any contractors within our congregation that would like to offer their services. Please contact Steve Blakemore at for information on contacting Dean Schifferer.
When will we break ground and when will the project be completed?

The exact dates are unknown due to the uncertainty of the permitting process with the City of Phoenix. Lord willing, we will break ground early in the 2nd quarter of 2022. We anticipate approximately 12 months of construction to complete the project. 

Will we have Adult Sunday School classes during construction?

We plan to have Student Ministries meet in the Bunker 1st hour and Young Adults meet in the Bunker 2nd hour. That will allow for one Adult Sunday School class to meet each hour in C104 and C106.

Could we use the school campus for Adult Sunday School classes during construction?

That is an option; however, the school does not have any large group meeting space other than the gym. We could use classrooms in their 2-story building, but these rooms are designed for 25-30 students and are set up with individual school desks. The distance to the building from our campus and the set-up is not ideal for our Adult Sunday School Classes. 

Our current athletic field is the water retention area for the church and school. How will we handle drainage since our new building will be built on this field?

We have contracted with a civil engineer to plan the required drainage/water retention that will meet all city requirements. The most cost-effective way to handle the drainage is to install an underground drainage system that will carry the water along the south of the new building to a new athletic field in the area where the E Buildings are currently located. The E Buildings will be removed to allow for the water retention area and athletic field.

Can we wait until near the end of the Building Project to tear down the E-Building down so we could continue to use the building for Adult Classes?

No, we need to tear down the E-Building early in the project to start the site work required to create the new water retention area. Also, there is an electrical service line at the E-Building that will be relocated to the new Kids Ministry Building. Relocation of that line will leave the E-Building without power.

Where will the facilities office and workshop be located during and after construction?

The facilities office will be temporarily relocated to the church office. We are making plans for a temporary workshop space in one of the metal containers with a portable A/C unit. We are still discussing the best location for the office and workshop after construction.

Do the costs for the new foyer and kids buildings include furniture?

Yes, furniture and equipment are included in the estimates.

Is there a buffer for inflation in the cost estimates?

Our general contractor has planned for some inflation and continues to help us to make the most cost-effective choices.

With the Covid resurgence, have we considered the impact on the project financially?

We paused the project in March 2020 due to the unknowns associated with Covid. In early 2021, the elders made the decision to move forward with the project after seeing a year of steady growth in attendance with many new families coming to NCC. The Kids Ministry grew rapidly during this time, and we also experienced increased giving.  After considering these factors, the elders believe that this is the time to move forward with building.

If we are not able to raise the $2.5M, will we take out a larger loan?

It depends. The elders have not determined a maximum loan amount the church is willing to take on. As financial commitments come in, cost estimates firm up, and interest rates are evaluated, the elders will make a decision that considers all available information. The church already has a buffer financially. Spending has been less than the total budget for the past few years and we have been able to set money aside in capital reserves. As we prepare for this building campaign, we believe our financial capacity is sufficient to handle a short-term loan that will get us through this entire project. If committed funds fall significantly short, the elders will have to reconsider how we proceed, to include a potential phasing of construction plans.

Will the church receive updates about the cost of the project?

Yes, we will provide regular updates to the congregation about the progress and costs of the project.

What will happen to the shepherd statue?

The statue will be relocated to an appropriate area on the campus. The exact location has not yet been determined.

Will the existing double doors to the Worship Center from the north parking lot remain?

Yes, these doors will remain. There will also be a new double door entrance to the Worship Center from the new foyer area with a vestibule to help mitigate sound.

What will happen to the existing foyer?

The existing foyer will remain and will be an extension of the new foyer. The existing foyer area will have new enlarged restrooms and a sitting area.  It will be accessible on Sunday mornings and will function as the office waiting area during the week.

How will the new coffee area in the foyer operate?

On Sundays, the coffee area will be staffed by volunteers. During the week, there will be a self-serve option. It will be a coffee area only. No food or snacks will be provided.

I’ve heard there will be home visits? What’s the purpose of these visits?

The home visits are for those in some type of leadership role or that serve the church faithfully. We are asking our leaders to commit to the project first. In November, we will announce what the leadership of the church has committed to give and then ask everyone to give. If you would like to have a personal visit, please email and we will schedule a visit for you.